Saturday, July 23, 2016

     Well, it's not a design, but I have all the surface cuts done. As you can tell from the previous post, I've glued C4 back on, but with the missing wood (now sawdust), it didn't line up as planned. It's not off by too much, but it's enough to make sanding an annoyance. Also you'll notice the solid area, that it for the fretboard which runs from the bridge at C4, past G4 and ands at the nut at about F5. It's left solid for this reason as it would be quite useless if it didn't have a place for the fret wire. I'll eventually paint it black and paint the areas that should be part of the clef as white. The pickup will be the next major issue as it'll cover up the painted areas where I think detail matters... but that's a problem for another time.
     If you want the scale for this Electric Ukulele, the bridge is the key. I told you where it runs, but the length of the bridge is approximately 14 inches. This tops the entire clef out at about 18 inches. The Head is a little larger than necessary for both clef design and ukulele design, but I was trying to get the nut positioned right on paper and the smaller I made the head, the higher the nut went. This turned out to be a non-issue when cutting. The next and most immediate steps are to do the side cuts, the cut outs for the electronics, and the holes for the tuning pins.