Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Indolence, my dear friend and hated foe

To be fair, it isn't entirely my habitual sloth that is preventing me from getting anything done, but it is the bulk. I could blame it on the weather (including the rain) and my busy schedule, but if I were sincere on building this I would've made more progress by now. I need to make a schedule or something and rigidly adhere to it and maybe then I'll have another finished instrument. If you fail to plan you plan to fail I guess.
I do know the next step for this guitar though; I need to cut out the molds for the sound box. There isn't much of a curve to it, but to have a consistent bend I'll need a good mold. It's true that I also need to build the steam box, but I think the mold is higher priority. After the face and back to the bound box are shaped correctly, I'll trace the curvatures and cut and bend the sides. I still need to do some significant work on the neck/fretboard area, but now I have the fret wire.
Speaking of purchases, my distraction played around with my shopping cart and I added another project to my to-do list (lucky me huh?). I purchased the 4-string bridge, single-bar 4-string pickup and 4 tuning pins to make a tiny little ukulele. I'm going to try to do something fun so I'll share my blueprint once I get a good idea.