Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Not-So Startling Start

Rough draft blueprint for my 3 String Guitar project
Rough draft blueprint.
     It's either an indication of how lazy I am or how busy I am, but I'm just getting around to writing a ((we)b)log of my travails at building instruments. Currently I'm an unabashed neophyte in the terms of woodworking, but what I lack in expertise I certainly make up for in incompetence. Really, what I intend to do, is learn form my mistakes. This doesn't mean that I just accept whatever comes my way, but I may settle with things that I don't necessarily understand how to fix.
     I've already built a 6-string Anglo-Saxon Lyre and will back-fill information about it when I get overly busy. This may be sooner than later as winters in Ohio tend to force me inside. Since putting it together and playing it for about a year it already has a large crack in the frame that I had to fix. It's a very simple instrument with a simple design (that I nevertheless ended up screwing up a little) which made it a good choice for a beginning project.
     My current project is a 3-String Guitar (DGB) pictured in the image above. I've started with the main sound-box cuts and am trying my hardest at rasping away at the Katalox neck. I'm sort of at a standstill until I build a steam box to bend the wood. I'll add more if/when I actually get move work done on it.